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Members can enroll in the FedEx Advantage® discounts program to save more than ever on shipping. You’ll save 45% on FedEx Express® domestic and international shipping, 25% on FedEx Ground® shipping, 83% on FedEx Freight® shipping, and up to 20% on FedEx Office® printing services. It’s free to join, with no shipping quotas or commitments. Use Passcode: 7YFKFM

Discounts are exclusive of any FedEx surcharges, premiums, minimums, accessorial charges, or special handling fees. Subject to minimum charges set forth in the FedEx Service Guide which can be found at

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  BrokerBin is an IT, telecom, imaging, and POS B2B marketplace. Our members-only organization is open to resellers, brokers, service centers, integrators, and wholesalers. Whether you are a publicly held company or a small computer shop, can increase your client base, profitability, and efficiency.

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  Heartland Payment Systems took over ICBin’s credit card processing and delivered immediate and significant savings. We were so impressed we rolled out their program to our membership. In 95% of cases Heartland can reduce card processing fees by thousands of dollars. Odds are you’re one of the 95%.

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  Sister publication to the legendary Resource Recycling magazine, E-Scrap News is the premier publication covering the growing world of end-of-life electronics management. From IT asset disposition to the burgeoning electronics reuse fields and the laws and rules governing everything in between, E-Scrap News covers everything important about scrap electronics.

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  CFM is the market specialist in lead generation. If you’re tired of paying hefty prices for sparse records, this is your solution. CFM works with hundreds of sources to ensure their data is accurate and complete. As their clients attest, CFM offers proven marketing tools guaranteed to take your campaign to the next level. Contact CFM to receive a 20% discount as an ICBin referral.

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CompTIA offers an exclusive membership opportunity for ICBin members. As a member you’ll gain access to discounted vendor-neutral certifications, research, CompTIA events and a variety of retail and business services. Best of all, the opportunity is available to your entire organization with one CompTIA membership.

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